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Gorilla Glue 1.1g Dank Vape Cartridge


Gorilla Glue Strain actuates inspiring cerebral elation pursed by profound sedation. Therefore, may cause mouth dryness, lifts vitality calms pressure, has great pain-relieving characteristics.

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Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains, Chem’s SisterSour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel

BUY GORILLA GLUE DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE’ Firstly, Gorilla Glue Dank Vape is an Indica overwhelming half breed made at GG Strains. Also, Gorilla Glue Dank Vape flaunts a pine fragrance and offers numerous highlights. Gorilla Glue Dank Vape is useful for night and evening restorative and recreational use.

Gorilla Glue Vape Cartridge is useful for an extraordinary vaping experience. Gorilla Glue is a reasonable half and half with a gritty, piney enhance. Our patients report that Gorilla Glue gives profound unwinding and is extraordinary for rest and torment. Vape cartridges contain 100% cannabis oil with zero added substances.

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Produced using normally and economically developed Northern California pot. Gorilla Glue Vape Cartridge removed utilizing a restrictive CO2 technique to save delightful terpenes. THC power midpoints 63-65%.


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