Pure Di-Methyl-Tryptamine Crystal(DMT)


Buy Pure Di-Methyl-Tryptamine Crystal While DMT is the most potent psychedelic out there,

it’s also one of the fastest acting when smoked or vaporized. Smoking or vaporizing DMT will elicit an experience between 15-20 minutes in duration,

however during this experience you may completely forget that time exists at all.

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  Pure Di-Methyl-Tryptamine Crystal

Buy Pure Di-Methyl-Tryptamine Crystal. We extract under sterile conditions, perform multiple recrystallizations with clean, fresh (reagent grade) solvent, and utilize a multi-step filtration process to form the final product. Our freebase DMT is a slightly yellow hued powder.

  • It catapults the user into vivid visual hallucination, completely unhinges any sense of time, and can reveal deeply meaningful/powerful insights about the very nature of reality itself.



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Pure Di-Methyl-Tryptamine Crystal(DMT)Pure Di-Methyl-Tryptamine Crystal(DMT)
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