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Alaskan Thunder Fuck weed Strain


To the naked eye, the buds are all very nicely grown except for the one small bud could use slightly better trimming. This strain is definitely one of my top 3 favorite Sativas of all-time.

The smell from ATF is amazing and deserves an award on its own; it reminds me of frosty pine, or menthol… with a fresh lemon scent.

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Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain ; Alaskan Thunder Fuck not only sounds intense but also has an intense effect. The THC content of this marijuana can be as high as 23%, although the minimum is as mild as 16%. It’s mostly a Sativa variety that originates from Alaska. The taste is a unique fruity blend with some spiciness.

Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

The medicinal properties are more profound, and this variety is said to treat everything from headaches to anorexia and stress. Catch your personal supply of this product right now by ordering its delivery from our online dispensary. Ours is one of the best weed stores


Alaskan Thunder Fuck. Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)
Genetics: NorCal Sativa x Russian Rudalis x Afghani
ATF has enjoyed a long and storied history.
The ATF strain is definitely one of those that gets your attention off of bag appeal. ATF really reacts to a cold climate, bringing out dark purple hues that add to the already amazing aesthetics. The buds have that super frosty, dipped-in-sugar look that everyone appreciates. It’s simply a gorgeous strain to gaze upon. Aroma




14grams, Ounce, Quarter pound), Half Pound, 1Pound


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